World’s Quietest Room: Sssssshhhhhh


World’s Most Silent Room: Keep Silence

Manytimes, you need a little peace and quiet to stay well. But if it turns out too much quiet can drive you insne- or even make you hallucinate. That is what scientists in Minneapolis at Orfield Labs  have found. By observing how subjects and objects react in their Anechoic Chamber, also renown as The World’s Most Silent Room. Sound level in the entire room, is -9 decibels. This actually is the Guinness World Record, compared to the mean “quiet” room’s 30, according to MPR News.quitest room1 - World's Quietest Room: Sssssshhhhhh
The Worlds Quietest Room 1 - World's Quietest Room: Sssssshhhhhh

The pivot to this level of silence is fact that the floor, walls, and ceiling absorb all the sound, rather than reflecting or deviating it, as most surfaces do. Thus the term anechoic meaning no echo. It’s so quiet that you can even hear blood running in your nerves. Furthermore you can hear your own personal organs: your stomach, your heart,, even your ears, which make very little amount of noise. It’s not an especially pleasant experience, in the dark, especially. The longest time anyone has ever spent alone in chamber is 45 minutes.

Orfield Labs, Minneapolis uses the Anechoic chamber to test noise levels of various merchandise like LED lights. NASA, in fact, also uses a similar lab to assess its astronauts, given that the space is like another giant anechoic chamber.


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World’s Quietest Room: Sssssshhhhhh

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