Meet Millionaire Dan Bilzerian – Poker Player, Instagram Playboy King


A high stake professional poker player, venture capitalist, arms dealer and now Hollywood actor. Dan Bilzerian is allover social media with more than 21 million followers on Instagram, 1,25,05,294 on Facebook and 14,47,825 followers on Twitter. His fearless stunts, lavish lifestyle and carefree attitude has pulled the attention of world as Instagram’s Play Boy.

Dan, born in 1980 was blessed by a trust fund from his dad. Although, major funds were used on the bail of his dad, who was in prison for securities and tax law violations.

Later, for every one’s surprise Bilzerian started out in the Navy Seal program in 2000. Which did not worked and ended up dropping out.

His first face off with gambling industry was in University where he was studying Business and Criminology. In his words, he turned $750 into $10,000 and later $10,000 into $1,87,000.

From a $750 start he has now played in games where the minimum buy-in is million dollars.

To make establish himself as icon on Instagram Bilzerian has crossed his limits many a times. His carefree bets are big talk in the gambling world. He made headlines in one of the highest-stakes drag race in history. He won a whopping $3,85,000 at LA where by driving a 1965 A/C Cobra he beat a 2011 Ferrari 458 which was considered as the fastest car in the world. His jump from a 90-foot cliff and swimming across an alligator pounded lake also won millions for him.

Recently, a cycling bet of riding 300 miles from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 48hrs won him $6,00,000.

Apart from being a professional poker player Dan initially worked as arm dealer. He turned out a good fortune by selling his collection on a high note.


Family vacation #ImAllPackedUpMom

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Dan Bilzerian The ‘CONTROVERSY’ KING

From bizarre stunts to feeding a 100-year old endangered animal, Biltz has crashed many a times in controversies.

An extreme video in which Dan is seen throwing a model in swimming pool crashed into controversy. The calculations went wrong when Janice Griffith was tossed from a high spot and ended crashing into the sidewalls of the pool. In a most recent incident the millionaire Dan was seen feeding a giant 100 year old endangered tortoise and furthermore his controversy partner a bikini clad girl was seen sitting on the tortoise.

600 lb, 100 yr old Galapagos tortoise, what an awesome animal

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Alongwith United States whole world was surprise when the Billionaire Businessman Donald Trump stood up for the run for US President. Same year Dan also made a bold claim that he too is in run for US President. He furthermore started his presidential campaign in cities and launched a video for the same. But soon he ended up and endorsed Donald Trump.


In an age of pussified political correctness, you have to respect people who remain unfiltered

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Dan is also trying his luck in Hollywood as an actor and stuntman. His one of the major appearance was in Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler starrer Olympus Has Fallen. He has also worked in Lone Survivor, The Equalizer and The Other Woman.

His dominancy in social media is justified as his pet cat Smushball is more popular than half of all instagram users with around 8,00,000 followers.



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Nailed it

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To Cabo because tacos on the beach sound good

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True Tribute To Dark Knight Adam West aka BATMAN

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Meet Millionaire Dan Bilzerian – Poker Player, Instagram Playboy King

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