Ouch! How to reduce Testicle (Balls) 🍒 Pain when Hit


Testicular injuries are not so uncommon these days, but boys should be aware that they can happen.

Testicle Pain:

It hurts to even imagine about testicle pain. An opponent misses a kick on the football field and his foot hit the wrong place, a cricket ball takes an unexpected bounce and hit between  the legs or you’re speeding on your bike and hit a big bump. The consequences are really painful. A shot to the testicles is one of the most sympathetic areas of a guy’s body.

What you can do and Why they Happen:

If you’re a guy who likes to lift weights and exercise a lot, plays sports you have probably come to find out what is testicle pain and some unfortunate players might experience the pain.

Because they are hanging in a sac outside body (the scrotum), the testicles are not covered by bones and muscles like other parts of our reproductive system and like most of our other organs. Also, the testicles location makes them major targets to be accidentally hit on the ground or hurt during exhausting activity and exercise.

You’ll surely in pain if your testicles are kicked or struck. Furthermore you might also get nauseated for a short time. If it’s a minor testicular injury, the pain gradually reduces and any other symptom go away.

In addition, you can do a few more to help yourself feel better. Taking pain relievers, lie down, gently support the testicles by supportive underwear, and apply ice packs to. It’s a good idea to ignore stressful activity for a while and take it easy for a few minutes.


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Ouch! How to reduce Testicle (Balls) 🍒 Pain when Hit

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