Healthy Food That Prevents Hair Fall


5 Healthy Food Products That Prevents Hair Fall


Reduce Hair Fall Yogurt - Healthy Food That Prevents Hair Fall

1) YOGURT: Yogurt is a rich source of vitamin. It fulfills the need of essential nutrients that prevents hair fall. It is also used as hair mask. Mix it with lemon juice and apply on hair. It nourishes hair to make it smooth and silky.


Reduce Hair Fall Spinach - Healthy Food That Prevents Hair Fall

2) SPINACH: It is a high nutritional value food, enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, manganese, iron and folate. It reduces iron deficiency which is a major cause of hair fall. It also keeps scalp healthy and works as a natural conditioner for hairs.


Reduce Hair Fall Carrot - Healthy Food That Prevents Hair Fall

3) CARROT: Carrots contains vitamin B6, vitamin K. Its daily intake gives you long and lustrous hair. Its nutritional value avoids dry and itchy scalps. It improves blood circulation in your scalp and prevents premature hair graying. A carrot a day makes your hair thicker, shinier, longer and stronger.


Reduce Hair Fall Egg - Healthy Food That Prevents Hair Fall

4) EGG: Egg is a complete house of nutrients. Its protein and other acids add moisture and shine to the damaged hair. Egg also helps to increase hair volume and makes it thicker. It boosts hair growth and reduces hair loss.

Egg can be applied to hair as hair mask. Blend it with olive oil and massage it to your scalps and leave it for thirty minutes. Wash your hair with shampoo.


Reduce Hair Fall Oats - Healthy Food That Prevents Hair Fall

5) OATS: Oats in your morning diet can help you to say hasta la vista to your hair loss. It is rich in fibre, iron, zinc and fatty acids that stimulate hair growth and makes your hair thick and healthy.

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Healthy Food That Prevents Hair Fall

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