Apps That Help you Find ATM With Cash Near You


500 and 1000 currency notes demonetisation might be a positive move towards suppress illegal monetary assets of certain citizens, but for most of the working-class people in India surely it has become a nuisance. Due to cash crunch countrywide the day-to-day life of the nation has been hindered. ATMs are always busy with overlong queues. Returning empty handed even after standing for hours, in case the ATM runs out of cash.

To sort this certain applications and websites come out with features, to counter the never-ending queues.

1. Walnut

The Walnut app is a money manager, used for multiple purposes including transferring money to friends, splitting and settling bills among friends, tracking your expenditure, receiving your bank balance statement and Credit card payments.

In the recent update you can find ATMs with cash near your place. Depending on its 1.8 million users to update the ATM’s status this app is mainly crowd-sourced.

  1. Green Pin:  ATMs currently active
  2. Grey Pin: ATMs active in the last few days
  3. Orange Pin: ATMs that were recently active

2. ATMsearch

ATMsearch is a new website by users from twitter @WoCharLog to assist people in searching ATMs which are disbursing cash.

The site is easy to use and very straight forward. It asks you for your location, as soon as you open the web page. Enter the required information and you’ll get below shown results. You can search for a particular area or city-wise as shown below.

atmsearch - Apps That Help you Find ATM With Cash Near You

3. Cash No Cash

Manjunath Talwar launched this website, CashNoCash permits you to scan for available ATMs by just submitting the pin code relevant to you.

We tried searching for ATMs in the pin code area ‘452001’ of, Indore. You can see the status of  ATMs below:

cashno cash - Apps That Help you Find ATM With Cash Near You


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Apps That Help you Find ATM With Cash Near You

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