Befikre review: A Predictable Indian Love Story


“Befikre” Ratings: 2.5/5

Aditya Chopra reformulate romance for an entire age group back in 1990s with his debut film DDLJ – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. A movie, that till date, influences people to fight it out when they are in love proved to be a real classic over the years. While there have been many movies that have tried to create same magic, but none have given even a close competition. Interestingly, Aditya Chopra made two more movies after that- both did reasonably well- but were never able to generate that massive impact like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge did.

Aditya Chopra returns to cinemas with Befikre, a take on present day love stories, and how the youngster perceives love as. It is breezy, no committal and effortless which the trailers specified. But is it really? Because Chopra’s Befikre particularly encounters due to predictability.


Chopra this time shifts his characters in the new movie to Paris from Punjab. The city of passion and love where Ranveer Singh as Dharam, a stand-up comic meets Vaani Kapoor as Shyra, a tour guide at a jamboree. One night of drinks and sex later, Shyra make it clear to Dharam to not to approach he or call her, because ‘the party’s over’. She is not going for anything long-term but the Delhi boy Dharam,  doesn’t want to yet let go of her easily. After successive ‘dares’ that they act for each other, both end up moving in and as anticipated, monotony seeps into their relation. A year later after their break up, their tracks cross again and now they decide to give a new start, as Befikre friends. But are they actually friends?

Interestingly, while the movie opens with Dharam and Shyra breaking up, never a clear cause is given as to what happens to them to get separated. The fact that their relation is just based on series of challenges and dares that they keep doing could be a ground basis, but that is our guess. How long can a relationship continue which started as a one night stand and rushed into an affair after one of them goes and just for fun slaps a policeman on the road?

Written by Aditya Chopra, the movie would have still been a interesting change on Bollywood romances as the tempo of being befikre and carefree been maintained throughout the entire film. But while the first half is entertaining and breezy, the later half is spoiled majorly because of the predictability. And that’s what Befikre is. A routine Bollywood love story with a yawn-worthy twist.

Vaani Kapoor, after a remarkable start in Shuddh Desi Romance, turns herself into the sensous and hot, French-Indian Shyra, who doesn’t give a damn on one night stands, checks her desired man’s ass and doesn’t know if getting married is meant for her. Vani’s character in her debut film made us sympathise with her role. She was spunky yet traditional. In Befikre she was spunk yet she can’t connect to Shyra as much. What she thinks is never really clear. At a instant she doesn’t want her bf to say “I Love You” while at the other point weeps when he breaks her heart. Vani Kapoor with a poorly written character, also struggles a bit to keep up with the tempo. She is a typical bhartiya nari in one scene and a French chick who has no expectations from her companion the other time. Vani Kapoor looks stunning in some scenes but there’ seriously something wrong with her jaw.

Besides the beautiful French locales, if there is something to look forward into the movie is Ranveer Singh’s performance. Ranvir Singh’s range is remarkable. After the intense Bajirao Mastani, diving right into a frothy romance means that the guy has caliber. Ranveer demands your attention in every scene. He is goofy  and charming as Dharam. You almost get his confusion on marriage and love.

Befikre is the first film that  Aditya Chopra directs without Shah Rukh Khan. Does it work in his favour ? Not quite because even though Ranveer is good he still is unable to carry a weak script forward- the way Shah Rukh had in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

Aditya Chopra falls in his own love trappings, where the movie just indicates one thing- that when someone is in love he really can’t be that befikra.


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Befikre review: A Predictable Indian Love Story

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