10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste


As inherited in our name The ViralBeer presents to you the list of 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world.

Have you ever bothered to consider how pennies you are spending for your beer? How much you are willing to pay to taste the world’s 10 most expensive beers? Here is a list of the recent most expensive beers in the world today.

10. Sapporo Space Barley:$110= ₹7480 per 6pack/720ml

11 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

This beer probably will leave you spaced out. Japanese and Russian in 2006 scientists planted barley on International Space Station just to notice how they would grow. It was section of an experiment to notice if humans are able to grow plants. Hence food, in rockets and spaceships like what we watch in so many sci-fi movies. After 5 months in orbit fourth generation of barley was sent back down on the earth where Sapporo, a Japanese brewer turned it into the world’s foremost space beer.

9. Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844: $44= ₹2992 per bottle/720ml

10 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

In the United States Of America the PBR is amongst the cheapest beers available. While in China the table is turned. Do you know why ?? The PBR 1844 is unlike from the standard PBRibbon lager brew and present in both countries. It was Alan Kornhauser the brewmaster who came up with concept for the 1844 by fermenting American cascade hops and German caramel malts then maturing it in uncharred whiskey barrels. Furthermore it comes in a bottle fit for wine. Because Alan meant for 1844 to compete with fancy brandies and wines. Unfortunately, this beer cant not be sale outside of China.

8. Crown Ambassador Reserve: $90= ₹6120 per bottle/750ml08 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

As an alternative to fine wine, Crown brewery begin brewing their Ambassador Reserve Lager in 2008. Only 8,000 bottles per batch to maintain it price enough. Yet give several beer lovers a taste of refinement. Every beer comes in a bottle fancy ample to pass for wine bottle complete with velvet casing and box. The brew is made from the supreme ingredients with the supplement of handpicked green Galaxy hops. Furthermore aged in French oak barrels for years until it is ready.

7. Tutankhamun Ale: $75= ₹5100 per bottle/500ml

09 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

In 1990, an Archaeologist from Cambridge found later known as Queen Nefertiti’s Royal Brewery. Brewing chambers contain obseletet beer residue. Furthermore he analyze them and ascertain their key ingredients with electron microscope. Finally contacting Scottish brewmaster Jim Merrington both of them together were able to recreate the recipe of ancient beer. Most of all the first bottle sold at $7,686 but the price eventually dropped to $75. Few Years later Merrington’s breweries shut down. The only good info is that any existing bottles of the beer maybe valuable since they are not in production any more.

6. Brewdog’s Sink The Bismarck: $80= ₹5440 per bottle/375ml

07 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

Beside from referring to German WW2 battleship, the Scottish brewery BrewDog also took it as their invasion on German brewery Schorschbräu which held record for the strongest beer. So how will you sink the Bismarck? You put in 4 times more hops, distill it 4 times and freeze it 4 times. Finally a beer having 4 times more kick and is 4 times more bitter having 4 times more probability of resting you under the table. With that ABV:41% (Alcohol By Volume ) you must be careful how much you drink, unless you want the floor beneath you to seems like a turning, tossing deck.

5. Samuel Adams Utopias: $150= ₹10200 per bottle/700ml

06 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

Comes in a copper bottle so fancy and creative you will think it must be containing WWII cognac sole to army top brass. The Utopias brew this using conventional ingredients including 4 types of noble hops for slightly herbal taste. The mixture then aged in barrels meant for fine wines for time period of more than half a year.  The taste described as “fiery.” “Pours ditty dark brown, ultra muddy, with some grains floating in it. Fragnance is phenomenal, with zero alcohol. Dried fruits, some port notes, Raisins and slightly woody. Taste is instantly warming, but with indication of booze. Only 3000 such beer bottles were brewed.

4. Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57: $275= ₹18700 per bottle/330ml

04 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

The Schorschbock 57, can acclaim to be the strongest beer of the world. The 57 is German brewery’s answer to the BrewDog’s End of History, which has ABV of 55%. Schorschbräu only made limited 36 bottles of the beer. Aficionados tasted the 57 describes it as “smoky and nutty, having hints of raisins, obviously, alcohol.” In making the 57, the Schorschbräu exhibit with the Reinheitsgebot or German Beer Purity Law, that prohibits proof a little higher value than what they have presently. This law is valid in Germany only.

3. Carlsberg Jacobsen Vintage No.1:$400= ₹27200 per bottle/375ml

03 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

Solely only for sale in Denmark, The Carlsberg Jacobsen Vintages by Jacobsen Brewhouse is a brown colored brew and made of only the caramel, finest hops and matured in new French and Swedish oak barrels in old wine cellars for 6 months. The taste is describe as “malty with notes of wood, dried fruits ,a weak hint of smoke and caramel, .”  The first vintage  batch only has 600 bottles.

2. BrewDog The End of History:$765= ₹52020 per bottle/330ml

02 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

After Bismarck, this was BrewDog’s latest try to one-up on guys at Schorschbräu. This ale is mix with juniper and nettles berries from Scottish highlands. Furthermore. distilled-freeze multiple times to bring its ABV to this insane level. For some of time it holds title of the world’s strongest beer till Schorschbräu shot back with Schorschbock. It also have the distinction of having the supreme unusual container in the entire beer history. Because the beer bottle is lined within the carcass of a taxidermied critter, a hare or a squirrel, usually a weasel. Only 12 such bottles were ever made, probably good considering that more critters might need to be kill for the design of container.

1. Antarctic Nail Ale: $1815= ₹123420 per bottle/330ml

01 1 - 10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

The funny side is that this brew by Nail Brewing, Australia, is for animals, not humans. How so? Credits go to Sea Shepherd Conversation Society. Yeah! that controversial grouping featured on Discovery Channel’s Whale Wars. What this beer is so expensive? Answer is that it was brew from water of an Antarctic Iceberg. Sea Shepherds flew to Antarctica in helicopter, dig up the ice, melt it in Tasmania then fly it to Perth. We’re talking with regards to pristine freshwater which can be found no where else in world. It seems like that the water is lock in ice since the dawn of time. Only 30 bottles of this brew are ever produce, with the first one bringing up $800 at an auction and as high as $1815 for 330ml. Save the whales; grab a beer.



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10 Most Expensive Beers In the world; Wanna Taste

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